How to cope with chronic hives


December 20, 2017


Also referred to as chronic urticaria, chronic hives is a condition that causes red welts on the skin, is itchy and at times painful. So far the cause of this condition has not been specified; however, some things such as alcohol, heat, tight clothes, cold, stress, some foods, pollen, certain medication, bacterial infections, and exercise have been identified as triggers. Chronic hives is not a life-threatening condition; it can last anywhere from a few minutes, weeks, months and for some to even years. This allergic reaction occurs when the immune system of the body reacts exaggeratedly to factors that are non-threatening to the body.

An obvious way to cope with urticaria is staying away from the triggers and also avoiding scratching the affected areas; instead, take frequent baths as it helps reduce the itching. A team of experts came up with a 100% natural ingredients blend in the form of a spray known as Oxyhives. It is said to improve the body’s own healing mechanism and has the ability to diffuse immediately and reduce itching almost instantly.

How does Oxyhives work?

This product is found in a spray form and is administered under the tongue. This makes sure that its components will be absorbed instantly into the bloodstream and in turn carried to the affected areas. As soon as Oxyhives is administered, it reduces the concentration of the hives and hastens the healing process. Within a short while, the redness and irritation start diminishing, and there is no more itching.

Oxyhives is made from pure herbal extracts making it safe for human use and has no known side effects. There are other prescribed treatments and homemade remedies such as baking soda and Aloe Vera that are known to help cope with hives. This condition nevertheless knows no time or place; it can occur anywhere anytime. For this reason, it might not be possible to carry some of this home remedies anywhere you go but a bottle of spray is very much portable.

Can I get an allergic reaction from Breast Actives ingredients?


December 13, 2017


An allergic reaction is the body’s natural inflammatory response to allergens (anything that the body deems toxic). The process of the inflammatory response is initiated by the release of antibodies known as immunoglobin E which in turn stimulate the release of histamine from cells. Histamine release is associated with hives, migraines, and rash, digestive disorders as well red and itchy eyes.

The link between Breast Actives ingredients and allergic reaction

We have always associated migraines and other symptoms related to menstruation with hormonal changes. A study conducted on menstruating women revealed a presence of immunoglobin E (IgE) in their system and those not menstruating lacked these antibodies. This can be explained by the surge of estrogen and progesterone hormones during this cycle. Research shows that when these hormones bind to proteins (like albumin and globulin) in human tissues, IgE antibodies are produced in turn thus leading to allergic symptoms such as headaches. Main active ingredients in Breast Actives contain phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens act like estrogens and are capable of binding to estrogen receptors in the body. As much as ingesting Breast Actives increases the levels of estrogens in the body (responsible for the release of IgE), the users don’t experience allergic reaction. I will tell you why:

The formulation of this product also contains Dong-Quai extract, Blessed Thistle extract and Vitamin E. These ingredients lower histamine levels naturally. Although IgEs may be produced after intake of this product, the release of histamine in the body will be inhibited by the action of Dong-Quai, Blessed Thistle and Vitamin E.

I hope this discussion has answered your question appropriately. You cannot get an allergic reaction from Breast Actives ingredients. Put your worries aside. Go ahead and use this product to obtain firm, fuller and large breasts.

All-natural solution for almost all skin problems


December 5, 2017


Blemishes, acne scars and red spots are painful to hide, mainly when they cover large areas of your skin. Most of the times, these eruptions affect your facial epidermis, ruining your good looks and even lowering your self-esteem.

There are many cures for skin problems on the market, but few as effective as the ones which have an all-organic composition. The bad news is that you cannot find them in most drugstores or pharmacies since they are over-the-counter remedies for acne. However, you can try the following all-natural solution for almost all skin problems that have been clinically tested and proven to have no side effects:

Treat skin problems the natural way

Acnezine is a combination package of a topical cream and supplement capsules. Both of these products prevent, heal and protect you from acne eruptions. The 100% natural mix of herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals nourish your body both internally and externally to clear your skin and fortify your immune system against almost all skin problems.

This natural treatment is effective against most passing forms of skin infections like zits and pimples and all the way to significant ailments like acne and persistent blemishes. It is a solution that is easy to use and which guarantees full health restoration in just a matter of weeks.

A safe solution for acne scars

Almost 95% of the Acnezine users have noticed positive effects on their skin from the first day of treatment. Most of them have reviewed this remedy for acne scars, and they have talked about the rapid healing effect that it had on their skin.

Now it is easier than ever before to get rid of zits, bumps, redness, and blackheads without risking any adverse side effects. While most skin care treatments leave unbearable scars behind, this all-natural healing process provides you with a bright and radiant appearance in less than two months of daily use.